Aamir Khan - a Dhurandhar Diet Success Story

16.7 kgs weight loss
11 inches waist reduction
28% body-fat loss

Aamir Khan Shares His Diet Experience at the launch of the bestselling book Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat-Loss Diet

Dhurandhar Weight Management and the

Dhurandhar Diet:

Generations of Experts
Years in Practice
Succesful Clients (and counting)

Why do so many people follow the Dhurandhar Diet?
Because it's easy to follow, proven to work, and yields lasting results.


Easy to Follow

No unusual foods, no supplements, no starving. Lose weight eating the foods you already eat today.

Scientifically Proven

Expert-picked ingredients, recipes, and diets that have been scientifically proven to work.

SEE Results

you can see and feel. Your diet can improve health, reduce your waistline, increase energy, and more.

Start your diet

Based on your individual calorie level, we tell you precisely:

1. Which foods to eat.
2. How much to eat.
3. When to eat.

Learn More About the 30-Day Diet Menu

  • Easy to Start No need to see a dietitian.
  • Easy to Follow. Just follow the recipes.
  • Easy to Succeed Your success is mapped out.

As featured in the #1 Amazon India Bestseller
Dr. Dhurandhar's Fat-Loss Diet

A practical - and scientific - guide to help anyone who wants to lose weight and improve health.

Available in Bookstores Across India, as well as Amazon websites worldwide.

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