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Focus on Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Focus on Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Focus on a plan that creates fat loss, not weight loss.

The term “weight loss” is a misnomer.  It is mostly excess fat in the body that is causing most of the health issues, not weight per se.  Excess fat tissue could deregulate your metabolism, make you feel tired and heavy, disrupt the normal functions of many of your organs, and lead to other chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. It is important that the strategy you use to lose weight is reducing fat, first and foremost.

Our bodies are made up of water, lean tissues (like muscle and organs), and fat. Some techniques that promise quick weight loss often do result in quick losses.  However, what is actually happening is that you are losing water. With less water in the body, the weighing scale temporarily shows a smaller number. The weight will come back just as quickly when you start drinking water. These types of treatments do not improve your health because they do not reduce fat.

Even worse, some treatments may produce lean tissue loss!  This might shrink your organs or muscles.  Losing lean tissue will not improve your health. Having plenty of lean mass means that your organs are working well, your metabolism is high, and you have strength. It is important to avoid treatments that reduce muscle mass.

When the body loses weight, it is inevitable that some of the loss will be water, lean tissue, and fat mass. Make sure that the majority of your weight loss is fat by using a scale that will show your body’s fat and muscle percentages.  This kind of scale uses a technology called bioelectrical impedance analysis, often called a “BIA Scale”. Using this method to track your progress will ensure your weight loss is helping, not hurting your health.

We focus on using fat loss as a measure of your success, because after all, it is fat loss that results in health gain.

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