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Why You Need a Personalized Diet

Why You Need a Personalized Diet

A personalized diet that is created just for you is critical for healthy weight loss. There are two main reasons that a personalized diet is the best approach.  

The most important aspect of your weight loss diet is that you will be able to stick to it. High blood pressure medicine will only work for as long as you take it.  A diet works in the same way. It works only for as long as you sustain it.  Sticking to a diet is difficult. Your likes, dislikes, time constraints, or social circumstances are some of the many factors that will influence what you choose to eat and why. You might want to try a diet that work perfectly for a friend or movie star, but if that diet does not line up with your lifestyle and values, you will only be able to make it work for a short time. It is crucial to have a diet that is perfect for YOU, so that you can follow it successfully without excessive deprivation or difficulty.

Your body has very different needs than a friend’s or a movie star’s.  You could be a growing adolescent, a diabetic, or affected by hypothyroidism.  Each of these factors affects the diet that will work for you. Just as your friend’s medicine may not be effective for you, someone else’s diet may not be right for you and your health. A personalized approach factors your lifestyle into your weight loss goals, and will be just for you.

Your diet should not only fit into your typical routine, but also be flexible enough to withstand temporary changes for life circumstances. It should also be appropriate for your body and overall health. That’s what a personalized diet is!

At Dhurandhar Weight Management, we focus on diets that are ideal for your habits, preferences, and goals. We want to help modify your diet as your habits and preferences change.  This level of customization is what helps our clients reach their weight management goals.

Contact our team today to get a fresh start on your weight management goals.

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