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When you’re on a weight loss diet, your food should have three key qualities:

  1. Food should fill you up quickly and for a long time.
  2. Food should have fewer calories.
  3. Food should be rich in other nutrients that your body needs.

There’s a tasty, filling, and nutritious option that already has these qualities:


Soup is very filling for two big reasons. The volume of soup is fairly large, so it fills up your stomach and stretches it. This stretching signals to your brain that you are full.  Since you eat soup one spoonful at a time, you consume it slowly. Eating more carefully gives your stomach and brain more time to register that you are full. These key qualities of soup make you feel full for a longer period of time.

Soup contains water and therefore has low calories per gram. A typical bowl of clear soup contains 130-150 calories, or approximately 10 – 12  calories per teaspoon. This calorie amount can increase for soups with more cream or butter, so clear, broth-based soups are a better option.

Foods that are low-calorie and high-nutrient are helpful to your weight loss diet. These foods allow you to reduce weight without developing a nutrient deficiency. Soup is usually rich in other nutrients, especially if it includes nutrient-rich vegetables.

How can you incorporate soup into your weight loss diet?

  1. Substitute a hot, tasty soup for less filling, high-calorie snacks. Having soup instead of potato chips will help you feel full during difficult parts of the day without exceeding your calorie targets.
  2. Add a soup to a light lunch to help you get through the afternoon with a tasty, low-calorie, nutrient-rich option.
  3. And one last, lesser-known trick:  Traditionally, we start a meal with soup.  Instead of starting a meal with soup, switch to a soup halfway through. After you finish your soup, you can resume your meal. You may not even feel like finishing your meal afterwards!

As always, you should work with a qualified nutritionist to create an optimal diet that is feasible and safe for you.

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