You can lose 10 kgs. in 15 weeks1 by following your own personal diet plan.

All you have to do is follow the straightforward weight loss recipes, in a diet plan that is delivered to your email inbox.

Based on our experience helping 2 lakh clients lose weight, we created:

How it works:


Pure-Veg, Veg + Eggs, or Non-Veg -- it's up to you!

6 meals Per Day. Carefully structured to keep you full and satisfied.

3 Different Options for Each meal.

The recipes are customized for your calorie Level.

Emails with Weekly Tips and strategies for the specific phase of your diet.

Carefully Crafted Recipes to ensure you Get 40 Essential Nutrients. health can improved as you lose weight.

Simple, day-to-day foods make the diet plan easy to Cope up with.

What you get:

1. QuickStart Guide E-Book

Simple, powerful instructions to ensure your diet is successful.

Plus, many more details on how to manage your diet plan effectively.

2. Diet Plan PDF in your email

Simple, powerful instructions to ensure your diet is successful.

What's inside your diet plan pdf:

How to Get Started

Fill up a form with your body measurements, diet preference (pure Veg, Veg plus Eggs, or Non-Veg), and the foods you would like included in your plan.

We email you a diet plan that is specific to your calorie level and your diet preference.

all you have to do is follow the recipes as written. you may see weight loss as early as two weeks.

Get Your Customized Plan Now!

Customized Indian Diet Plan - US/Global Edition

$ 49
  • Weight Loss Diet Plan
  • Simple Instructions
  • Balanced Nutrition

Some of the Delicious September/October 2019 Foods

Plus, 30 more recipes to choose from.

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