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Are you tired of not getting the weight-loss results you want?

If you continue taking the same approach, over and over, you may never achieve them.

Isn’t it time you took the right approach? 

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Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan's "Fat-to-Fit" Transformation

"I needed someone who is realistic and whose knowledge is thorough. I knew I was going to give it all but I needed someone guiding me in nutrition whom I could trust blindly."

Our family has had the privilege of working with Mr. Khan for many years.  Starting with Dr. Vinod, till now – Dr. Nikhil.  Aamir Khan has consistently chosen to work with us for one reason. We get results, without compromising health.  His “transformation” in Dangal was an extraordinary challenge.  He had to build muscle and lose body-fat at the same time – without compromising health.  Through a carefully planned diet that conformed to his daily routine, and with determination, he reached his goal of 10% body-fat.

Is the personal nutrition Program
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“I really like Dr. Dhurandhar's approach of personalizing diet plan by considering my food choices, work requirements and health."

We worked with Ms. Shaikh to manage her diet for her role as “Zafira Bagh” in Thugs of Hindostan. The role was very demanding, and required her to be in excellent physical shape, in order to look like an authentic warrior/archer!  Her challenge was in maintaining a diet that was suitable for the high-calorie, non-stop action.  Yet maintained her health. And one that was possible to follow no matter where the film shooting took her.  The effort she put into preparing for the role (and following the diet) can be readily seen on screen!

Fatima Sana Shaikh

Fatima Sana Shaikh as "Zafira" in Thugs of Hindostan

HOW IT WORKS: 5 Simple Steps from Start to Sustain

Engage with us and form a plan!

Your First Consult

Allow us to learn about your goals, lifestyle, and health status. And get all your questions answered!

Engage with us and form a plan!

Get your doctor/healthcare provider's approval.

Medical Review

Your health is of the utmost importance. We ask your physician to complete short form to approve you for the program.

Get your doctor/healthcare provider's approval.

Get your diet plan!

Your Second Consult

We’ve started formulating a plan. You share more details about your preferences and lifestyle. After the consult, you’ll get your first diet plan!

Get your diet plan!

Guiding and refining your weight-loss/diet

Subsequent Consults

A “diet” is a process, not a document. As your weight and body-fat changes, continual adjustments need to be made. We’ll make them as and when needed.

Guiding and refining your weight-loss/diet

Showing you how to maintain


The best part about fat-loss (instead of weight-loss), is that it is easier to maintain! Nonetheless, we’ll show you the exact steps you can take to keep it off.

Showing you how to maintain

Varchas Doshi

Mr. Varchas Doshi shares his success story at the book launch of "Dr. Dhurandhar's Fat-Loss Diet"

“Initially I thought this would be another diet I would neer be able to do. But I have now lost 40 kgs."

Mr. Doshi had struggled with weight for a very long time with diets that he was unable to do.  By following the Online Diet Plan, he lost 5 kgs. in 12 weeks.  He then decided to take-up Personal Results Consulting.  He has since lost around 40 kgs. (and counting!). Before starting Personal Results, he was walking only up to 5,000 steps per day. Now, he regularly gets in 15,000 — which is more exercise than most people! 


Everyone has different goals, and we don’t lock you in a contract, so these prices are month-to-month.  You don’t have to decide – right now – which program you want.  We can help you decide that after your initial consult.  Please note: YOU WILL NOT NECESSARILY GET BETTER RESULTS BY PAYING MORE MONEY.  For some, it is very useful and helpful to have more access, more appointments, more diet changes, etc.  But it is not necessary for everyone. In fact, we DO NOT recommend the Advanced Plus or Advanced Custom plans to most people.

Personal Nutrition

For focused individuals who want serious results.
$ 500 Monthly
  • Initial Review
  • Custom Diet Plan for the Month
  • 1 Skype/Phone Appointment
  • 1 Diet Modification
  • UNLIMITED Email Access
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Personal PLUS

For those who need more frequent diet changes.
$ 750 Monthly
  • Initial Review
  • Custom Diet Plan for the Month
  • Up to 2 Skype/Phone Appointments
  • Up to 2 Diet Modifications
  • UNLIMITED Email Access
*No need to decide between these two options right now;
we can help you choose later.

Personal Custom

For special situations. Contact Us before buying.
$ 1500+ Monthly
  • Initial Review
  • Custom Diet Plan
  • Custom Appointment Frequency
  • Custom Diet Modifications
  • Custom Communication Channels

More Success Stories



"My advice to a fellow dieter is that if someone is deciding to start and are concerned that they may have to give up all those foods that they love, they should not be too much concerned, as Dr. Nikhil will work around your likes/dislikes."

Although not too much overweight, I always felt I should be leaner. One of the things that I used to enjoy previously was jogging. However, I was unable to do that since last year and half or so due to lot of pain in the foot arch anytime I tried to go jogging. A Sports Medicine Doctor in India suggested that my excess weight could be a very important factor in the foot pain while jogging. A few months later, a routine annual physical test also showed that HDL, LDL, total cholesterol and Triglyceride levels needed some improvement. These reasons prompted me to consider a weight loss/management program that would involve both nutrition guidance and exercise.

I did some online research and came to know about Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar. A month later or so, the Hindi movie “Dangal” was released and I read about how Mr. Aamir Khan was able to get his weight and in the essence total % fat reduced drastically while working with Dr. Nikhil. I felt that this was a solid example that would help me take decision to work with Dr. Nikhil.

Dr. Nikhil understood my food habits, patterns, likes, and dislikes, and formulated the diet that would take those into account, and patiently answered all my questions from time to time during the program. In addition to meeting my goals at the end of the program, I also gained valuable knowledge that I can use for coming months and hopefully years for my continued weight management.

What worked for me is that I stayed committed and diligent, planned my meals well, did not treat the diet as mental burden and did not feel guilty on those days when I could not follow the diet due to social get-togethers or travel out of town

My advice to a fellow dieter is that if someone is deciding to start and are concerned that they may have to give up all those foods that they love, they should not be too much concerned, as Dr. Nikhil will work around your likes/dislikes. Stay committed to the program once you have started it. If you are considering whether to join, you should join because the program actually works as long as you are going to be committed and diligent!

Charmi D.


"What I like is the combination of their knowledge of both India and the West.”

My weight was at an all time high, and I had low energy. I was searching for a good nutritionist and on internet I found reference for Dr Nikhil. What I liked about Dhurandhar Weight Management is the combination of their knowledge of both India and the West. For example, I was very surprised that the simple exercise they suggested—walking—has helped me so much. This is not commonly known in India.


What they do well is understand my requirements and have a really customized approach that suits my lifestyle.

After some time in the program, I now have good energy levels, although it has been challenging to reduce ghee and not drink full-cream milk. This is only in the short term. My key to success is to be honest and follow guidance provided by Dr. Nikhil. If you are considering joining, certainly join.

Sukhdip Singh


"It didn’t feel like I had to clean my kitchen cupboards just because I was going to start dieting."

I saw an article about the body transformation of Bollywood actor Amir Khan in his movie Dangal, where he goes from being really overweight to an extreme athletic physique, I found out in an article that Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar was the nutritionist behind it, so I decided to contact him. I have had a few personal trainers, but with their limited knowledge of nutrition, I didn’t get results, even though they were good with the training side. Since I am training— but with Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Emily looking after my diet— the results are amazing!

After contacting Dr. Nikhil, my thoughts were would their program work for me? Celebrities have everything prepared for them— like professional cooks. But in my first appointment with Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Emily my head was clear. They asked and answered all my questions related to that like what kinda food I like, and even there were so many options to choose from, it didn’t feel like I had to clean my kitchen cupboards just because I was going to start dieting.

If you’ve tried online diet plans or a diet plan from someone who is in your gym and looks fit, it doesn’t mean the same diet will work for you. Your dietary needs could be different, and that’s what I learned since I am with Dr. Dhurandhar. I am so happy with the way things are going, because it’s not been even 2 months yet and my body fat is 18.4%. It was 27% before starting with Dr Dhurandhar and I am looking forward to the next few months to get where I wanted to be with my fitness level.

Professional help does make huge a difference, and Dr. Nikhil and Dr. Emily are so good with what they do. I am looking forward to the next few months to get to the level of fitness I always wanted.

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