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Because you don’t follow your Dhurandhar Diet Plan, your diet plan follows YOU. Powered by Obthera.

You create a meal plan based on the foods you currently eat today. Then, the recipes you get are based on a combination of variables that are unique to you. As your body fat reduces, the recipe ingredients change to adjust to your changing weight and health. 

What's on the diet plan?

You will create a diet plan by choosing from the meal options you see below. Choose the options that most closely resemble the foods you eat today. No matter what you choose, each recipe gives you an equal amount of the key nutrients for fat loss.
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  • 1. Breakfast
  • 2. Morning Snack
  • 3. Lunch
  • 4. Evening Snack
  • 5. Dinner
  • 6. After-Dinner Snack

Prawns Vindaloo

Protein Bar

Protein Shake

Ragi Idli with Sambar

Pomegranate Raita


Potato Chips

Potato Onion Cheela

Paneer Korma

Paneer sandwich

Pani Puri

Paneer Bhurji

How it works?

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Fat-Loss Makes All the Difference.

Poor metabolic health happens because excess fat in your body ends up in the wrong places. Like your vital organs. If you can remove fat from the wrong places, your metabolic health will improve. One way to get rid of that misplaced fat is to follow an Obthera diet plan.
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