What is the perfect Diet Plan for you?

It depends on what type of "Dieter" you are.

Dhurandhar Diet Plans are perfect for Balanced Dieters.

Our most successful clients:

  • Want real, visible weight-loss results (reduction in waist, hips, slight toning of arms, etc.).
  • Want to maintain or improve health through balanced diet and balanced nutrition.
  • Want to follow a diet plan that has been proven to be succesful.
  • Want to focus on weight-loss for just a fixed amount of time, and then learn to maintain a healthy weight.

If you are a balanced dieter, this is your perfect option:

Balanced Diet Plan For Weight Loss, Fat Loss, and Health Improvement.

Get a diet plan WITHOUT having to see a nutritionist, pay expensive monthly fees, or even leave your home!

Perfect For You If:

  • You want to lose body weight and body fat in a healthy way.
  • You want specific recipes to help you stay in control of your food.
  • You want the simplest way to start your weight loss transformation.

Starts at $49/month.

Custom Diet Plan For a Unique Goal or to Improve a Specific Health Condition.

Consult directly with Dr. Dhurandhar to create a customized diet plan.

Perfect For You If:

  • You have a time-sensitive goal for weight-loss/fat-loss.
  • You have a health condition that requires monitoring by your doctor/healthcare provider. 
  • You have had difficulty losing any weight with other diet plans.

Starts at $500/month (approx. ₹35,000/month)

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