Want to Reduce Your Belly Fat and Improve Your Health? Then You Don’t Want Weight-Loss.

We call it the Fat-Loss Diet for a reason. Weight-loss isn't really what you're looking for. It's Fat-Loss. Here's why...
Lose Fat, not Weight!

The term “weight loss” is a misnomer.

 It is mostly excess fat in the body that is causing most of the health issues, not weight per se.  Excess fat tissue can dysregulate your metabolism, make you feel tired and heavy, may disrupt the normal functioning of many of your organs, and lead to other chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. Therefore, it is important that whatever strategy you use to reduce weight is reducing fat, first and foremost. 

Some techniques that promise quick WEIGHT-LOSS often do result in quick loss. But...

Our bodies are made up of water, lean tissues (like muscle and organs), and fat. However, what is actually happening is that you are losing water. With this reduction in water from the body, the weighing scale temporarily shows a smaller number. The weight will come back just as quickly when you start drinking water these types of treatments do not improve your health, because they do not reduce fat. 


How do you know you're losing fat?

When the body loses weight, it is inevitable that some of the tissues lost will be water, lean tissue, and fat mass. However, some strategies can ensure that the majority of the weight lost is fat mass. To track this, it is ideal to use a scale that will tell you the percent of your body made of fat and muscle.  This scale uses a technology called bioelectrical impedance analysis, and is often called a “BIA Scale”. Using this method to track your progress will ensure your weight loss is helping, and not hurting your health


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About Dr. Dhurandhar's Fat-Loss Diet

The Fat-Loss Diet is an evidence based (proven by science) program to reduce body-fat and improve health. Primarily by following a traditional Indian diet.

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