Are you ready to work directly with a team of experts to manage your weight?

Work one-on-one to create a diet that is “made from scratch,” to help you reach your goals.

Both the Custom Diet and the QuickStart Diet Plan
are based on the same scientific principles. 

But, the Custom and Custom PLUS Diet Programs are Right for you if: 

You want a diet that is made completely to your tastes.

The 12-Week Online Program has a pre-made menu that is optimized for fat-loss. But, if you have very specific foods or tastes, then you can have a completely custom diet made for you.

You want to work one-on-one with an expert like Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar.

Some are very successful with an independent approach. Some need to work with an expert to help manage their diet. If you want direct contact and expert support, this is the right program for you.

You want to ask questions and reach us at any time.

Email us as often as you need to. Keep us apprised of your progress. Weight-loss is a dynamic process and a diet-plan is a dynamic document. It needs to change as circumstances change.

There is no contract. Work with us month-to-month until you reach your goal.


Read about Upendra's experience with 1-to-1 Counseling

"Although not too much overweight, I always felt I should be leaner. One of the things that I used to enjoy previously was jogging. However, I was unable to do that since last year..."

Although not too much overweight, I always felt I should be leaner. One of the things that I used to enjoy previously was jogging. However, I was unable to do that since last year and half or so due to lot of pain in the foot arch anytime I tried to go jogging. A Sports Medicine Doctor in India suggested that my excess weight could be a very important factor in the foot pain while jogging. A few months later, a routine annual physical test also showed that HDL, LDL, total cholesterol and Triglyceride levels needed some improvement. These reasons prompted me to consider a weight loss/management program that would involve both nutrition guidance and exercise.

I did some online research and came to know about Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar. A month later or so, the Hindi movie “Dangal” was released and I read about how Mr. Aamir Khan was able to get his weight and in the essence total % fat reduced drastically while working with Dr. Nikhil. I felt that this was a solid example that would help me take decision to work with Dr. Nikhi.

Dr. Nikhil understood my food habits, patterns, likes, and dislikes, and formulated the diet that would take those into account, and patiently answered all my questions from time to time during the program. In addition to meeting my goals at the end of the program, I also gained valuable knowledge that I can use for coming months and hopefully years for my continued weight management.

What worked for me is that I stayed committed and diligent, planned my meals well, did not treat the diet as mental burden and did not feel guilty on those days when I could not follow the diet due to social get-togethers or travel out of town

My advice to a fellow dieter is that if someone is deciding to start and are concerned that they may have to give up all those foods that they love, they should not be too much concerned, as Dr. Nikhil will work around your likes/dislikes. Stay committed to the program once you have started it. If you are considering whether to join, you should join because the program actually works as long as you are going to be committed and diligent!

Choose your plan

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account

Get started in three easy steps!

Make your initial appointment (fee: $100)

You will undergo an initial assessment, including history and diet evaluation to better understand your case. You'll share your goals, lifestyle, and past diet history. All of these are used to create an exceptional diet program for you. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the program.

See your physician or healthcare provider (fee: as per your physician may charge)

You'll take a form to your physician/healthcare provider. We request that your healthcare provider approve your starting a diet plan.

We will review your physician approval. (no fee)

If he or she does not approve, or if we do not feel the diet plan is right for you, we will immediately refund your initial appointment fee. If the program is a good fit for you, then welcome aboard!

Then, we get started on a diet that is made for you - and only you.


Read about Charmi's experience with 1-to-1 Counseling

"What I liked about Dhurandhar Weight Management is the combination of their knowledge of both India and the West."

My weight was at an all time high, and I had low energy. I was searching for a good nutritionist and on internet I found reference for Dr Nikhil. What I liked about Dhurandhar Weight Management is the combination of their knowledge of both India and the West. For example, I was very surprised that the simple exercise they suggested—walking—has helped me so much. This is not commonly known in India. What they do well is understand my requirements and have a really customized approach that suits my lifestyle. My key to success is to be honest and follow guidance provided by Dr. Nikhil. If you are considering joining, certainly join.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Diet Cover My Food Choices; Such As Pure-Veg Or Non-Veg?

Absolutely! Whatever you eat now is what we use to create your diet.  We want to fit this diet as much as possible within your daily routine.  After working with 175,000 clients, rest assured, we have helped people with many, many diverse tastes.

Do I Need To Buy Supplements, Foods, Or Products From You?

Absolutely not. We do not sell products or supplements. We are focused on the one thing in which we are experts: diet and food habits. Which is the thing that drives your weight loss. Just follow the diet!

There are some tools that will be very useful for you while following the program: a weighing scale, measuring tape, kitchen scale, and a BIA machine (optional). 
We don’t sell these items, but can recommend some brands that have worked well for others. 

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Almost every single person we have worked with has lost body-weight and body-fat. Yet – and you will probably never hear this answer from anyone who doesn’t have a scientific program – there is absolutely no scientific way of determining how much weight ANYONE can lose on ANY diet.

The human body is extremely complex, and all our bodies are very different from one another. Therefore, there is simply no way to predict how different people will respond to the same diet.  
That being said, your diet is personalized for your age, gender, weight, and activity level. This is a scientifically sound way to personalize a diet and lose body-fat. It has worked for more than 175,000 people. 

Will I Lose More Weight On The Custom Diet Plan, Compared To The 12-Week Online Plan?

Both plans have been very successful for many, many people. The difference is between what YOUR needs are. The Custom Diet Plan may be a better fit for you if any one or more of the following are true: – If you want the support of working directly with an expert clinician. – If you travel extensively. – If you don’t eat mostly home-cooked food. – If you have health conditions that are connected with weight-loss and nutrition – and therefore require us to interface directly with your physician. – If you need weight-loss in a unique situation (such as preparing for a film-shoot or athletic event). – Or if you simply want to be able to choose your own foods for every meal. Then the Custom Diet Plan may be a better fit for you. Again, every “body” is different. And there is no way to scientifically tell exactly how your body will respond. And because we are a science-based practice, we do not “guess”. If science has not proven the answer – then we don’t know. If we don’t know, we have the integrity to tell you that we don’t know.

Do I Have To Exercise?

In a word, no. We can make some recommendations depending on your preferences and health status, but it is not mandatory for weight-loss.  

Exercise is terrific for health, but in most cases, is not indicated for weight-loss.

Can You Recommend An Exercise Program?

Our focus is on managing your diet. We leave exercise to the exercise experts. Of course, if you are active and exercising right now, then we account for that in prescribing your diet. 

Also, if you are working with a trainer, we can also connect with him or her and plan your diet according to your activity, nutrient, and caloric needs.

I Live Outside India, Can I Still Work With You?

The custom diet program is available to you where you are, because you connect with us via phone/Skype/FaceTime/etc. So far, we have worked with patients on every single continent (except Antarctica :-).