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What is Nutritional Counseling?

Dhurandhar Weight Management Nutritional Counseling is a scientific approach to weight management, based on our experience of working with 175,000 patients (and counting), 25 years of research, and a customized diet for every single person.

What do you get with the program?

  1. Scientific weight management approach: Every treatment we provide has been scientifically proven to work.
  2. Diet plans made from scratch: We have no set plans. We create a diet plan that is unique to you.
  3. Diet plans that maintain quality of life: We believe diets should be effective, but not leave you starving or unhealthy.
  4. Medical alignment: We can work with your physician to ensure that your weight management program is medically supervised.
  5. Monitoring progress: We teach you how to measure and document your own progress scientifically, and then monitor your progress.
  6. Frequent interactions via Skype and Phone: We monitor your progress and adjust your diet as needed.
  7. Unlimited email access: A diet is a dynamic document and process. We work with you to optimize your custom diet and answer your questions and concerns as frequently as necessary.

What is the High Intensity Program?

The High Intensity Program is a form of Nutritional Counseling that is more intensive and frequent.

This program is ideal if:

  1. You need constant, regular support: While both programs come with unlimited email access, the High-Intensity program allows us to speak with you directly every single week if necessary.
  2. You have a specific goal, within a specific timeframe, that requires more intensive work:  You may be preparing for a film shoot, athletic event, or wedding, within a limited time frame.  Being able to work with us more regularly may assist you.
  3. You are a frequent traveler:  It is difficult to maintain a diet when you are traveling.  If you travel often, we can help you find foods wherever you go that allow you to continue your dietary program.
  4. You require extensive interfacing with your physician:  Some situations require us to work with your physicians guidance.  This program allows us to work with your physician, trainer, or other providers to help achieve and support your results.

Can’t decide which program is right for you? Click here to contact us and we can help you decide.

How is Nutritional Counseling different from the High-Intensity Program?

Nutritional CounselingHigh-Intensity Program
150 Point Diet AnalysisIncludedIncluded
Custom Diet Plan?YesYes
Number of Diets Provided2 per monthUnlimited
Phone/Skype Calls1 per month4 per month
Email QuestionsUnlimitedUnlimited
Ideal for…People interested in nutritional counseling to reach goalsPeople who want intense counseling for specific, targeted goals, or those requiring extra support

Three Easy Steps

  1. Schedule your initial appointment using the interface below.  During your first appointment, we will gain an understanding of your goals, preferences and history.  This information allows us to start building your customized dietary profile. After the first consultation, we will send you a form for your physician to complete. The fee for this first appointment is $99.
  2. Have your physician complete a short form.  If both we and your physician feel the diet program is right for you, you continue. Otherwise, we refund your fees up to that point.
  3. Moving on, you will complete our online questionnaires, send us your food diary for analysis, and have your second consultation.  During this consultation, we’ll cover your likes, dislikes, preferences, and lifestyle.  
  4. After the consultation, we will generate a personalized diet for you.

Afterwards, we will communicate regularly by phone/Skype/email to modify the diet as needed.  A diet plan is a dynamic document; we go back and forth until we find a diet that best helps you reach your goals.

Click here to contact us if you have any questions or need any assistance with booking.

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