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12-Week Diet Program

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What you get

1. A fresh, new diet every two weeks to ensure you stay satisfied, with both veg and non-veg options.
2. Personalization of our successful diets; based on your individual weight status and calorie requirements
3. Access to “member’s only” content, featuring exclusive articles, recipes, and other tools designed to help you with weight management.
All this content is $49 for 12 weeks.
What will your diet look like?

We have taken 6 of our best diet plans, and we will adjust the amounts of food in each diet plan to match your specific calorie needs. Our 6 unique diets – with recipes – make sure you don’t get bored, and enjoy your meals while losing weight.  Dieting doesn’t have to equal suffering.

Please Note: This is a sample plan, and does not include AMOUNTS of food.  This diet cannot be “followed” to achieve any results. It is not just the food you are eating, but the AMOUNTS of food, which we have to calculate based on your physiological parameters.


Option 1 (veg):
Idli with coconut chutney
Orange juice
Curds (yogurt)

Option 2 (veg):
Breakfast cereal with skimmed milk
Raisins or fruits

Option 3 (non-veg):
Egg white omelette
Skimmed milk OR curds (yogurt)

Mid-Morning Snack
Snack bar

Option 1 (veg)
Roti or Chapati
Mung-beans or chickpeas with cilantro, lime, and spices
Salad with dressing

Option 2 (veg)
Tomato omelette (also called Besan omelette or childa)

Option 3 (non-veg)
Clear soup
Tuna Sandwich

Evening Snack

Option 1 (veg)
Roasted or cooked ear of corn with spices

Option 2 (veg)

Option 3 (non-veg)
Egg bhurji


Option 1 (veg)
Roti/chapati or Rice
Your favorite vegetables
Rajma or green peas

Option 2 (non-veg)
Stir fry with: Noodles, Vegetables, Chicken

Post-Dinner Snack

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3
Sweetend skimmed milk, soy milk, or almond milk

What comes with the diet?

What good is a diet without the support and instructions needed to follow?

You’ll learn:

  1. How to prepare yourself for the diet
  2. How to communicating with your doctor about the diet
  3. How to follow the diet, track your progress, and exactly what kind of exercise you would need to do.
  4. How weight loss should be progressing and myths about weight-loss
  5. How can you incorporate alcohol or cheat-days
  6. What to do when weight loss slows down
  7. What to do if you over-eat
  8. How do you maintain the weight that has been lost
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee weight loss?
We cannot and do not guarantee you will lose a specific amount of weight, as there is no scientific way of accurately predicting how much weight someone will lose. Weight loss is a complex physiological process. How each body responds to a diet varies.

Do I need to buy supplements, products or medicines from you?
We will mention some things that will make the diet easier, such as a kitchen scale, body fat scale, measuring tape, etc., but you do not buy anything from us.

Can I have different foods if I don’t like what’s in the diet?
These diets are designed to be followed precisely as written.  We do not want to change food options, timings, or other factors that could adversely impact your success.  Provided you follow a traditional Indian diet, each meal has several options to match a variety of tastes.  Keep in mind, also, that you only follow each diet for 2 weeks. If you really need a personalized diet, consider our Nutrition Counseling Program.

Will I be able to interact with someone via phone/skype?
This diet plan is perfect for the individual who wants a simple plan to follow on their own.  We have designed it such that you do not need to consult with anyone to follow it.  Therefore, we don’t offer consultation/appointments based on this diet plan.

Can I use this diet to gain weight?
This is a weight-loss diet, and as such, not suitable for weight gain.

Will this help me get a flat stomach, six pack, or reduce fat in a specific body part?
For most people, getting a six pack requires a highly calibrated diet as well as working with a physician trainer. Furthermore, there is no scientific method to determine where fat will reduce (from which part of the body it will recede).  The 12-week Online Program is a basic diet for fat loss. If you have a very specific goal for body fat percentage, consider our Nutritional Counseling Program

Can I follow this if diet I am veg or non-veg?
Yes! We have both pure-veg and non-veg options for each meal.

Can I follow this diet if I am lactose (milk) intolerant?
Yes, we have alternatives to lactose-containing products.

What if my BMI (body mass index) is under 18.5?
If your BMI is below 18.5, your weight status would be “underweight.” This means that weight loss would not be indicated, and we would not be able to provide a diet.

How often do I get a new diet?
Every two weeks.

Take the next step

Enter your information in the form below and remit payment.  Once we process your registration, you will receive your first diet and access to our members-only website.
Click here to contact us should you have any questions or require assistance with the signup process.
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