Know Your Fat-Loss Options

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Lose Body-Fat

Reducing body fat gets rid of the excess fat circulating and stored in your body which has many ill effects on your health.


Lose Weight

Lose significant amounts of body weight using our scientific approach that is designed to give you the results you’ve been looking for.


Improve health

Weight loss can reverse many health conditions, Such as diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol high cholesterol, I blood pressure, osteoarthritis., and even reduce your risk of getting these conditions as well as heart disease, and even some cancers.


Eat better

Our extensive knowledge of nutrition science ensures that whatever diet you were prescribed contains all the nutrients you need for health and successGil weight-loss.


Control hunger

Our weight loss plans and programs are designed with specific nutrient ratios to help you curb hunger naturally, simply by eating the foods that you already eat.


Gain confidence

As you lose weight you get in control of your body, you may become more active, all these things will give you confidence.


Sleep better

Excess weight is associated with many conditions that induce snoring, or poor sleep. Weight loss can improve your sleep so you were able to rest better sleep deeper and wake up refreshed.


Live longer

Significant weight loss has been shown to improve and increase your lifespan. Not only can you live longer, but you can live a healthier life longer with the requisite amount of weight loss.

How We Can Help:


NEW Fat-Loss Diet App

No waitlist, get started immediately and get a personalized diet plan that has been proven to get clinically significant weight loss that is, the amount of weight loss that is noticeable in your clinic and in your health.


Free Tools

Knowledge is power! Use our free calculators to understand exactly what your body requires in order to lose weight and achieve better health.


Bestselling Diet Book

Dr. Dhurandhar’s Fat-Loss Diet is an Amazon number one best seller, and voted by Times of India as one of its most trusted diet books. Learn exactly how to develop your own diet plan as well as get the specific ingredients you need in order to lose weight.


One-on-One Consulting

For intensive weight-loss needs, work one-on-one with our expert nutritionist, and follow one of the most effective science-based programs ever created.