The Dhurandhar Difference

Serious Weight-Loss Results

The secret to our extraordinary weight loss results is simple. We don’t believe in fads. We don’t believe in starving. And we don’t believe you should turn your life upside down and eat completely different foods. Instead, we are committed to helping you lose weight while minimizing the changes you make to your diet and lifestyle. That makes your diet plan easier to follow, for long enough, to get you serious weight loss results.

Carefully Selected Recipes

After 200,000 clients, we have an excellent idea of food habits and lifestyles of Indians, both in India and around the world. We have created recipes, and continue to create recipes, that will allow a wide range of people to create customized plans. By creating specific, precise recipes, you are able to lose weight on a diet plan that has many of the foods you eat on a day to day basis.

Designed for weight loss and better nutrition.

Perfect Nutrient Dose.

Each recipe, as part of a complete diet plan, gives you the perfect nutrients to achieve weight loss. Specifically, we use a macronutrient ratio that encourages your body to burn fat, while preserving lean mass.

Perfect Ingredient Amounts.

Two people may like the same food, but no two people have the same physiology. Therefore, each recipe you see in your diet plan will have ingredients that match your specific calorie needs. As you lose weight, your calorie needs change. And your recipe ingredients will also change to match your needs.

Perfect Meal Timings.

By eating at specific intervals, your body gets the right nutrients it needs for weight loss, while still burning off calories. Your meal timings also minimize hunger, ensuring you can stick to the diet plan for long enough to see good results.

Made for you, wherever you are.

Our team is truly global, and we have seen clients from every continent, except Antarctica. Based on our extensive experience, we have curated recipes that fit perfectly within your lifestyle, whether you are in India, Europe, or North America, you will find Indian foods – supplemented with local options – that meet your lifestyle needs.

Real Recipes, Real Results.

The recipes in the diet planner are not suggestions. They are precise, scientific lists of ingredients and directions. If followed carefully, they will help you achieve real and significant weight loss.

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