3 Reasons You Need a Personalized Diet

What's a personalized diet? Why do you need one? Here are three major reasons...

1. One of the most important aspect of a diet that will work for weight loss: the one you can stick to!

 A medicine for high blood pressure will only work for as long as you take it.  A diet works in the same way. It works for as long as you sustain it.  The problem is, sticking to a diet can be very difficult.You have likes, dislikes, constraints on your time, or perhaps social circumstances, among the many factors that will influence what you chose to eat and why. So, there may be a specific diet out there that worked perfectly for a friend, or a movie star that you want to try.  But if that diet does not line up with your lifestyle and values, you will only be able to make it work for a short time. Therefore, it is very important to be prescribed a diet that is perfect for YOU, so that you can follow it successfully without excessive deprivation or difficulty. 


2. Your body may have very different needs than your friend’s body or that movie star’s body.

Perhaps you are a growing adolescent, or someone with diabetes, or someone with with hypothyroidism.  Each of these factors has significant implications for the diet that will work for you. Just as your friend’s medicine may not be the right medicine for you, someone else’s diet may not be optimal for you and your health. A personalized diet approach considers such factors in the context of weight loss goals, and will be right just for you. 


3. Your diet should withstand the battle with your everyday life

A personalized diet fits into your typical routine as much as possible, but is flexible enough to withstand temporary changes for life circumstances, and is appropriate for your body and your health. This is the very definition of a personalized diet!

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